Sorry, All Plasma TV parts being taken off, no longer available

damaged screen TVs

The screen of LCD, LED or Plasma is made by special multi-layered thin glass and plastic (1 to 3mm thickness) with millions tiny electronic components (pixels) built-in on it!  It is very hard to make and very expensive! 

- TV fallen over, dead pixels, dead lines, damaged inside or outside of the TV's screen.

- Somebody hit TV,  kid threw toys, remote control to TV, get scratches, cracked screen or lines in moving, transportation or anything damage to your TV's screen...

Sorry, we do not fix cracked or any kind of damaged screen TVs (it doesn't matter the cracks are inside or outside), because the manufacture price of a new screen plus shipping is too expensive! (cost around 70% to 120% of your TV price)

Take a look at some photos below. You will see many types of damaged screen TVs, from a tiny point inside, outside, with or without picture... to the whole screen damaged.