TOSHIBA 26LV67 PE0249 V28A000320A1 - Electronics TV Parts -
TOSHIBA 26LV67 PE0249 V28A000320A1 - Electronics TV Parts -
TOSHIBA 26LV67 PE0249 V28A000320A1 - Electronics TV Parts -

TOSHIBA 26LV67 PE0249 V28A000320A1

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1JU- Electronics parts are sensitive and delicate. They are easily damaged if you do not know how to install and re-setting.

Sorry, we do not intend to sell parts for consumer to “do it yourself” or “trial and error”. If you want to fix TV yourself, you must take your own risk!


To replace this electronics professional part to TV, you have to make sure:

1- You have a right diagnosis on your TV

2- TV’s model number, part number, all connectors and board number must be matched, If NOT, it might not works because different of software and firmware in it

3- You must know how to install it (reset memory and microchip procedure, update firmware, software, modification, ID board code matching …etc.)

4- You must make sure there is NO other parts in your TV will damage this replacement part

Return accepted with these conditions:

1-    Buyers have to pay for return shipping

2-    We refund item’s value only (original shipping cost was paid for shipping carriers and non-refundable)

3-    We charge 10% re-stocking fee (pay for employee’s labor, packing material… we don’t make benefit on this fee)

4-    The return parts must be in original condition, with our signatures and special marks on it (we always take photos and store them before shipping), no broken, no tampered with

If you are NOT comfortable these conditions, please DO NOT BUY IT. Thank you for your understanding!

Contact us via eBay message for our tech support if you are NOT sure on your own diagnosis

We are TV repair technicians and own a TV service shop in our city.

Fixing TVs is really serious and complicating job; require TV technical training, safety code, troubleshooting, service mode code, software, firmware installation and experience. You should have a right and good diagnosis before buy this part

Without limitation, we are not responsible and not liable for any injury, loss, expense or damage to personal property, death… by using our products. You have to use it with caution and at your own risk!

Most of the parts we selling are pulled from cracked damaged screen TVs which are customers sold for parts in our TV service shop.

If you got a problem after install our parts, please contact us via eBay message. We will try with our best to help you! Normally the return answer will be from 24 to 48 hours business day (WE ARE CLOSED ON SATURDAY, SUNDAY and HOLIDAYS).

All our parts before shipped, always be verified, tested, signed, dated, photos taken and stored in our system as proof of item in good condition.

Thank you for your business