How much to get a TV fixed?

Please take a look at photos below, you will see a lot of different symptoms come from the same part or different parts can show the same symptom!

We are TV doctors. Obviously and logically, the "doctors" must check, test, diagnose… directly on the “patients” before telling what wrong with them. And of course, you need solid, reliable diagnosis to make a serious decision (NOT a guess, maybe this, may be that or "sorry, it was a wrong guess, wrong estimate"...).

All information below just gives you some idea what and where the problem might be…… Please use them at your risk.

Average, 80% of the cases, repair cost should be from $40 up to $300 (except TV' screencost around 70% to 120% of your TV price) . It varies and depends on the brand name, size, model number, what's parts, stock availability, the difficulty and labour to do it.

There are millions of TVs and electronics devices on the market. They are totally different from model to model, different in features, functions, design, price, problems, parts … etc. There is no average parts cost, example: power supply board: some cost just $40-$50, some around $100-$300 or even more! So, it is impossible to tell  exactly what’s wrong and how much without a diagnosis on it! That is the reason why we need to do an estimate first.


Diagnostic fee: 

(This fee is paid for technician to work on your devices for diagnosis (not to fix your TV). It is non-refundable but deductible toward repairs.  It takes a few days, then we will call you for an estimate)

- TVs less than 40”         = $30 +gst

- TVs from 40” to 49”      = $40 +gst

- TVs from 50 - 59”         = $50 +gst

- TVs from 60”- 64”         = $60 +gst

TVs from 65”- 69”         = $70 +gst

- TVs from 70”- 74”         = $80 +gst

- TVs from 75”- 79”         = $90 +gst

- Video-Audio equipment = $60 +gst

- Professional equipment  = $80 +gst

- House-call  = $60 (in city) +gst

- Hourly labor rate = $80/hour

-There will be extra charge $20 added if your device is a curved TV or have been opened, tampered with